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Optimal Health Is More Than The Lack Of Sickness

2010 Bluestone Drive Charles, MO 63303 


Meet Dr. Christy Jenkins

B.C.N.D. & Natural Health

Founder & Owner of Naturo Health Solutions, LLC



Christy Jenkins is a board-Certified Naturopathic doctor born in Indiana and a proud resident of Missouri. She has been Board Certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Board and has met all of the qualifications to practice natural health care according to the Committee on Naturopathic Medical Education. Certificate # 81528


Dr. Jenkins has over 25 years of experience in the health profession.

  • QRA Practitioner Trained by Dr. Bob Marshall
  • Dipolma Natural Health Counselor, Stratford Career Institute
  • Certified Parkinson's Trainer
  • Certified Natural Health Practitioner
  • Certified Firstline therapy
  • Awarded the Academic Achievement Award by the American Naturopathic Board 2014
  • Awarded St. Charles Beyond the Best Award 2015
  • T3 Certified November 2106 Dr. Wilson protocol

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Her practicum and dissertation were obtained through the Certified Naturopathic Health Professionals Program where she earned her designation in April 2011. She has practiced conventional medicine as a nurse in the fields of Psychology, Cardiology, and Internal Medicine. Currently she specializes in Herbal Remedies, Detoxification and Weight Loss Management, Homeopathic Medicine, Chronic Conditions as well as Natural Health Counseling. 

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Fellowship of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine

Pastoral Medical Association, Doctorate in Pastoral Medical Science

American Association of Diabetes Educators

Firstline Therapy-Natural medicine

AARM member 2016

T3 Certified(for natural herbal medicine)-Thyroid Specialty 2016


Dr. Jenkins treats clients with natural herbal remedies and techniques to address concerns and eradicate dis-ease. She strives to assist the body in healing itself by incorporating the forces of nature. Her philosophy involves complete healing of the person as a whole, utilizing the most advanced nutritional testing, thermograms, natural health counseling, exercise and energy work. 


Dr. Jenkins regularly attends local and out of state seminars, conventions, and workshops on alternative medicine, preventive care, and homeopathic health. As a self-motivated learner, she stays abreast of the most current information in naturopathic medicine by studying and consulting various literary works:

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

Diets on Counsel and Foods

Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

Practical Herbalism

FLT Cookbook

In order to network and collaborate with other health professionals, she works with conventional doctors and a variety of other health care practitioners and is able to refer her clients to them when appropriate.


Recognizing that people are increasingly seeking answers for their health care needs beyond pharmaceuticals and surgery, Dr. Jenkins has combined her calling to this profession with her passion to see people achieve optimal health. By blending the best modern medical science with natural medical traditions, she hopes to teach her clients how to become ambassadors of their own health.

Dr. Jenkins is dedicated and committed to bringing health and wellness to all of the lives that she touches in and around the St. Louis area. This level of dedication would not be possible without the love and support of her family to whom she is eternally grateful.  

Why choose Dr. Christy Jenkins as your Naturopathic Doctor?

  • To identify the underlying causes of your concern. If you have suffered with an issue or illness for many years and have gone from doctor to doctor without a definitive answer, then you should consider a consultation with Dr. Jenkins. She will identify the root cause and not just treat the symptoms.
  • Obtain a comprehensive plan using holistic therapies and herbal remedies specific to your issue. By reviewing your history, and utilizing innovative technology, Dr. Jenkins will be able to determine imbalances, deficiencies, and abnormalities in your system. Eliminating the guesswork is her specialty.
  • Restore your body back to its normal function and balance with a nurturing practitioner. The body is attempting to tell you what the problem is by sending out signals. You need a doctor that will take the time to really listen to what your body is saying. Dr. Jenkins is the best natural health practitioner in the greater St. Louis area and she will use your concerns as a road map and get you back on the path to a happier, healthier life.


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2010 Bluestone Drive

St. Charles, MO 63303