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Optimal Health Is More Than The Lack Of Sickness

1600 Heritage Landing, Suite 207A. St Charles, MO 63303 



These are Testimonials of actual clients. These people have determined the help they received from Dr. Jenkins was successful. 

(Each person is different and may experience different results.) 


While visiting  my girlfriend I began to  complain of a cough and  sore throat, symptoms of COVID-19. I immediately called a local clinic to schedule an appointment for a test. Meanwhile, I took my girlfriends herbs Dr. Jenkins had recommended for her.  Several days later I was informed I didn't have COVID. And after taking the herbs Dr. Jenkins recommended for my girlfriend, my cough and sore throat had gone away.  I don't know what was all in those herbs and really don't care. I'm just happy I feel better and COVID free. Thanks Dr. Jenkins      


No more Migraines 

I've been struggling with migraines for many years and the pain has frustrated my everyday life. After telling a friend about how debilitating I 've become, she recommended Dr. Jenkins.  My friend  received great results under Dr. Jenkins care.  It's been six weeks since I started the detox program for migraines. And, I'm excited to express my pain is gone! Not only is the pain gone but my labs results prove , I'm better. Thank you Dr. Jenkins, for teaching me a better way to live. And thank you, for encouraging me to trust in Natural Health Care.


Happy colon

After being constipated for over 5  days. I decided to seek medical attention do to nausea and lack of appetite. I came to Dr. Jenkins for a consultation and she recommended, coffee enemas. After four enemas. I'm able to eliminate without straining and difficulty.  Along with the enemas. I follow her herbal remedies and detox diet plan. I hope. I never experience that type of pain and discomfort again. Thank you Dr. Jenkins for helping me get relief. 


My body is my best friend

 I realized after taking the detox program that "my body is my best friend".  I will no longer abuse it with toxic foods or thoughts, nor surround myself with toxic people.  Thank you Dr. Jenkins for teaching me I am valuable.


Stop smoking

After several attempts to stop smoking on my own, I decided to reach out to Dr. Jenkins for help. She put me on a diet to help lessen my anxiety and created an exercise program for me. I found it interesting that acupressure seeds helped tremendously. Not only am I smoke free but my body is less toxic. No more desire to smoke or live an unhealthily life. Natural medicine works! I recommend Dr. Jenkins for your holistic care. She is the best. Thank you Dr. Jenkins for your support and attention to my health.


Yeast on tongue

I had no idea a doctor could look at my tongue and tell me what was going on with my stomach. I have a overgrowth of yeast in my gut and that's why I have been feeling fatigue. I had no energy and could barely get out of bed. After changing my diet and following advise from Dr. Jenkins, my tongue is yeast free. I no longer have bad breath and my cravings for sugar is limited.

Thank you Dr. Jenkins for you expertise!

Feeling better

Thank you Dr. Jenkins. I haven't been sick in 24 days. Usually during the winter months I am sicker than a dog. But with you help and guidance, Life has been good. I really appreciate you!

Personal Health Coach

After visiting with my medical doctor I decided to consult with Dr. Jenkins. I have, or should I say, had female issues. While going through the detoxification program, I worked closely with Dr. Jenkins to get my health concerns turned around. I never thought just by detoxing, eating clean and removing toxic people out of my life, my health would improve. I owe great sleep, weight loss, better health and a positive outlook on life to Dr. Jenkins.

On the right track

I came in to see Dr. Jenkins for personal health concerns. She helped me so much, I told my husband and children about my first visit. Dr. Jenkins tested my family to see what supplements would be best for them. We learned how to take them properly. I didn't realize how vital energy testing would be for us. I 've learned never to buy vitamins nor herbs without Dr. Jenkins testing them first. Thank you

Dr. Jenkins for putting us on the right track.

H.J. May 2017

Hand pain

The pain in my hand, especially my thumbs, has gone away. I never thought just changing my diet would correct this problem without medication. Thank you Dr. Jenkins for guiding me to good health.

D.R. April 2017


I am down 8 pounds in a week. I have struggled so long I became discouraged to think I would ever lose weight. Needless to say, I tried everything. Thanks Dr. Jenkins for teaching me diet is more than food.

J. M. March 2017

Weight loss

I'm ashamed to admit how heavy I've become over the years. Poor health and increased stress has caused me to overeat and now my weight is out of control. Life is so much better after working with Dr. Jenkins. She was able to help me identify the root cause of my stress and overeating problems. With the use of natural counseling and herbal medicine along with health coaching, I changed my diet and life perspectives. It hasn't been easy but I went from 369 pounds in 2 month to my current weight of 304 pounds. I am truly a happier person. I know I have a long ways to go. But I feel like I am on the right track. Dr. Jenkins has been my angel and true blessing and life saver. I recommend her to all my friends and family.

K.M. February 2017

IBS symptoms

I discovered Dr. Jenkins through a desperate search for relief from chronic IBS like symptoms. I was desperate to regain my health but also skeptical of natural medicine. I was unable to leave my home due to chronic IBD like symptom. I had gone to an M.D, a Gastroenterologist, and an OB/GYN but none of the medicines they prescribed helped. Dr. Jenkins developed a strict diet and herbal regimen that was perfect for my body. That regimen enabled me to not only recover from the intestinal issues but also helped improve other health concerns 

I had been struggling with. Now I am able to live life again without the chain of a chronic illness to hold me down. I'm a believe of Naturo Health Solutions and Thank God for guiding me to a Dr. who not only found the problem but who cared enough about my health to call and check on me. God Bless you in your service to the ill.

S. Davison

January 2017

28 day detox program

Dr. Jenkins, the 28 detox diet has been great for me. I lost 10 pounds and feel the best I have ever felt in a long time. This truly is the best program ever! Thank you for getting me back on track.

C.M. December 2016

Weight loss journey

It's been since high school that my weight was under 330lbs! With my extensive medical history I never thought I could lose the weight. In just 4 short weeks, I have lost 25lbs and my blood sugar is normal. Thank you Dr. Jenkins! I know I have a ways to go. But with your help and guidance, I am certain I will make it.

KM November 2016

More energy then I have ever had in my life!

After my colon surgery I decided to seek help on diet and nutritional counseling.

Dr. Jenkins was recommended by a family friend. I have been on Dr. Jenkins plan for better health and lifestyle changes for 2 months. I have already lost 20 lbs. My stomach in flatter and my gas has lessened. I am no longer embarrassed to go out in public feeling fat and having to run to the bathroom all day. Thank you Dr. Jenkins for helping me regain my confidence and feel better than ever.

Tom - November 2016

Nothing ever works for me!

Patient -I have been on crazy people medications for over 20 years and it has stopped working for me.

Dr. Jenkins-Have your ever tried ERT (emotional release therapy)?

Patient-No, but I am willing to try anything.

After lots of hard work and consistently working with Dr. Jenkins on a weekly basis. I feel so much better. I can honestly say, I haven't felt this good in years. There is something different about this office and definitely Dr. Jenkins is a special person to me.

Thank you for being patient with me during my high and low moments.

Kim - September 2016

Caring doctor

I have never had such a caring doctor before. I came to see Dr. Jenkins because of arthritic pain in both hips and knees. She was able to get my pain level down from a 10 to a level 2 in 6 weeks. I am off of my narcotics medications. I have learned a lot during my detox and will continue the diet and lifestyle changes Dr. Jenkins has suggested for me.

Thea - August 2016


Dr. Jenkins-did you ever think this day would come?

Patient-yes and no. I had total faith in you Dr. Jenkins. Suffering with mucus in my stool has been how I've lived for years. Honestly I have been looking for it to come back but it hasn't. Thank you so much for helping me.

Gina - March 2016

Acne less noticeable

It's been several years since I felt confident enough to hold my head up high and smile. Dr. Jenkins detox program and health classes has helped me identify the root cause of my acne problems. I feel and look better than I have in years.

Thank you Dr. Jenkins for your hard work and never giving up on me.

Pam - February 2016

Good night sleep

After listening and following Dr. Jenkins recommendations, I sleep like a baby. I can do simple things like cook, clean and shop without becoming irritated and tired. I haven't had a full nights sleep in years. Sleep is really like medicine.

Thank you Dr. Jenkins for giving me my life back.

Carol - January 2016

Feeling my best ever!

When I first came to Dr. Jenkins my cholesterol and inflammation makers were very high. She taught me how to eliminate bad foods from my diet. As a result, my levels are normal and I've lost 25 pounds.

Phyllis - December 28, 2015

Thank you Dr. Jenkins for your TLC during my most difficult times in my life.

Barb - November 10, 2105

Fresh breath

I have been taking probiotics for years in hope to correct my foul smelling breath and clear my coated tongue. During my consultation Dr. Jenkins explained why I was having so many problems with no resolution. Her solution was to oil pull by using a special coconut oil she has in her office. And eat a tablespoon daily. To my surprise it worked! My teeth are white and I wake up with fresh breath. I have used other oils in the past. But what she recommended seems to be the best for me.

Thank you Dr. Jenkins not only are my teeth whiter, my breath smells great and my tongue is clear!

Anita - October 14, 2015

Hydrotherapy treatment

Up until now life has been challenging for me with Parkinson's disease. After consulting with Dr. Jenkins she referred me to a Neurologist who specialized in my problem as well as physical therapy. Dr. Jenkins recommended a detox program specifically for my condition and herbs. I lost 18 pounds! I can walk a bit better, but most importantly I am not tired and less shaky.

Paul - July 21, 2105

Sleep never felt so good

For the past several years I have not been able to sleep. I wasn't sure if my hormones were acting up or stress causing my issues. After meeting with Dr. Jenkins she helped me understand what was going on with my body. I honestly didn't realized my diet and lifestyle was affecting my sleep. I have been on her detox plan for 3 weeks and I am 16 pounds down and sleep throughout the night.

Forever grateful.

Phyllis  - June 12,2015

Bladder problems

I came to see Dr. Jenkins because I was unable to empty my bladder. After taking the herbs she recommended and following the diet plan, I am now able to empty my bladder with out any problems. What a relief!

Casey - June 5, 2105

I thought I could never do it!

I have been on several weight loss programs down through the years and never stuck to any of them. This is the first time I lost weight and learned how to keep it off. I attended Dr. Jenkins weight loss classes and followed her diet plan designed just for me. Dr. Jenkins considered my lifestyle and home responsibilities while planning the program. I am so excited and pleased to wear a two piece bathing suit this year. Thank you Dr. Jenkins for motivating me.

Judy - May 20, 1015

I finished the 28 day detox program!

Before the detox program I could not cross my legs. I also had a lot of ear wax drainage. Now I'm able to clip my toe nails and my ear wax has dried up. With pure happiness and laughter I'm pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Jenkins.

Keith - April 15, 2105

No pain

I have rheumatoid arthritis and for years I have been in a lot of pain. My joints and knees bothered me a lot before doing the detox program with Dr. Jenkins. I have lost weight even after being told I couldn't due to medications. I now look forward to waking up and doing activities with my family and friends. I recommend this program to everyone who is looking to get out of pain and get healthy. Thank you Dr. Jenkins for giving me hope and my life back.

Tracey - March 2015

Tears of Joy!

Thank you Dr. Jenkins for spending quality time with my son. You are so kind and didn't talk down to him or above his head. You knew just what to say to keep him engaged. I prayed and asked God to help me find a doctor and He lead me to you.

With tears of JOY. I am thankful for your help.

William - March 2015

Happy Lungs

Dear Dr. Jenkins, I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for being my Naturopathic Doctor. I enjoyed my office visit yesterday and all of my natural treatments to repair my lungs and entire body. I wanted to let you know that your hard work is not in vain and I do follow all of the regiments that you put me on (without cheating or wavering). I wanted to show you a picture of me before I came to your office. This picture shows where I was headed (fat, sick, and nearly dead) before I started making lifestyle changes.

Thank you very much!

Leslie - February 2015

Chronic cough gone

I came in to see Dr. Jenkins because of a cough I thought was due to my sinus infection. I routinely get this type of cough every year at this time.

Dr. Jenkins performed hydrotherapy to the front and back of my chest and had me breath in a remedy she made. I did this treatment for 3 weeks twice a week and my cough is gone. I feel so much better. I am thankful for the time Dr. Jenkins spent helping me with this chronic issue. I definitely recommend her to my friends and family members.

Judy  - February 2015

Thankfully Surprised

I've been seeing Dr. Jenkins for a month. I originally came to her because my right eye muscle was twitching a lot. I've been on botox injections for over one year with minimal results. Since the 28 day detox I haven't had an eye twitching and I feel a lot better. I no

longer need botox for my over active muscle. I was skeptical about natural remedies but I am a believer now and recommend the detox to everyone.

Evelyn - 75 years old - January 2015

Weight Loss Success

Naturo Health Solutions

Pain is gone, not masked.

Dr. Jenkins is a wonderful doctor. I would recommend her to everyone. I went in to see her because I had lack of energy and aches and pains of my entire body. Now I have all kinds of energy and the only pain I have now is when I work out too hard. The best part of it all is she didn't give me a bunch of medication to cover up the problem. She found out what it was and fixed it naturally.

Tracey K. (Missouri), December 2014

All Ailments and Symptoms Went Away

Thanks again Dr. Jenkins and God knows we need more healers in the world like you!

I haven’t been losing weight even though I work out 3-4 times a week. I started adding the Super Fit exercise machine to my regular routine and lost 1 ½ lbs in 2 weeks with no significant changes to my diet. The vibrations do wonders! I burned 540 calories in just 10 minutes. My clothes are fitting looser and my metabolism is higher. It has also relieved some of the tension in my shoulders from working at a computer all day.

Stephanie (Missouri), December 2013

I Feel Like My Old Self Again

Thanks for all you do.

I have been seeing a chiropractor for 12 years and he has recently noticed that my adjustments are steadying and my bones have become easier to manipulate. I credit this new steadiness to the treatment I have received from Dr. Jenkins. I have also lost 10 pounds!

MaryAnn (Missouri), August 2013

Facial Treatment

I have had a few facials before but the LED facial treatment I received at Naturo Health Solutions from Cearra was by far the best. It was very relaxing and I was very satisfied with the results and overall experience. Next I received a LED light treatment and a treatment of Nerium AD mixed with a serum. The results were amazing! My skin was glowing and smooth! I loved it! I would highly recommend Naturo Health Solutions and Cearra for high quality skin care that yields noticeable results.

Melanie (Missouri), April 2013

Facial Treatment

Just wanted to let you know how good my skin looks this morning! Thanks for the good work!

JoAnn (Missouri)

Chronic IBS Symptoms

God Bless you in your service to the ill,

I just finished the 6-week detoxification program and lost 12 pounds! I feel so much better and the pain in my right side is completely gone. The knowledge that I learned about my body is priceless. Thank you Dr. Jenkins for your help.

Patti (Missouri)

Parkinson's Disease

Thank you for your patience and kind words,

During the health retreat Dr. Jenkins performed the QRA testing and found that I had a weak pituitary gland. Dr. Jenkins suggested I go to my primary doctor to have a prolactin test. After which I found my labs were abnormal. Dr. Jenkins recommended that I take Vitex supplement. I now believe that QRA testing really works!

Kristen (Missouri)

Weak and Deficient

God Bless You,

The service I have received from Dr. Jenkins has been really great. She is so patient and attentive to my problems. She has been very detailed in explaining the treatment process. I have been taking the supplements she recommended and I am starting to see my cyst diminish in size. I am not sure if this is from the supplements, but I hope to continue to see positive results. I have also lost 4 pounds since starting my treatment program!

Aurelien (France)


Thank you for finally bringing me relief.

I met Dr. Jenkins at a social gathering and was talking to her about the symptoms I was suffering from due to my springtime allergies. She advised me to take enzymes. She explained that allergens found in the environment help to create allergies and the digestive system was responsible for resolving the issue. Since taking the enzymes I have experienced a positive change in my digestive system and my symptoms have been significantly reduced. I would recommend consulting with Dr. Jenkins so that she can help you live a healthier life!

AJ (Texas)

Heart Palpitations

I love Dr. Jenkins with all my heart.

I was interested in reducing my sugar intake and increasing my health. Dr. Jenkins introduced me to Canadian Raw Honey. It is all natural and doesn't contain any preservatives or other added ingredients. It tastes really good and has also been good for my allergies since moving to the Southwest. Anyone concerned about eating healthy should certainly try this product.

Karen (Texas)


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